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Corporate Wellness

        Wellness in the work place 

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More and more Corporations are adopting the philosophy of wellness in the work place. Companies who emphasize wellness have more creative, productive, and less stressed employees.

Corporate Wellness Flyer

Reflexology, has long lasting and on going health benefit ,that helps employees help themselves. Self- awareness is hightened , allowing people to become an active participant in their own daily wellness!

Offering Corporate Wellness tells employees you care.

Wellness Wednedays

Why is reflexology the perfect fit? The many benefits, help to promote whole wellness. Holistic or “wholistic” healing addresses all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspect of a person where manifested illnesses are most apparent. Holistic healing is not intended to serve as a band-aid or a one time fix. It is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately, living better, being healthier, and striving for wholeness

Reflexology has many benefits such as

  • The release of good feeling endorphins
  • Enhances vitality and energy
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Boostes the immune system
  • Restores balance, the the body, mind, and spirit
  • Is a mood elevator
  • A natural pain killer and detoxifierIt is the ultimate StressBuster!

What are the most common conditions in the work place?

Some of the most common conditions and issues at work include:  carpal tunnel  syndrome, hand arthritis, poor circulation, fatigue syndrome, stress, edema, and chronically sore feet ….especially those who stand and walk all day, like those in Conference Services, Food Services, Retail, and Hospitals. Conditions like : plantar fasciitis , metatarsalgia, and neuroma’s  often go un recognized. Foot wear and how you walk are often the cause. BUT those concrete floors are brutal!

Linda’s Nutritional Foot Tip

Change up your shoes in the day, this allows the feet, legs, and hips, to work in different ways, useing different muscles and ligaments. Staying in the same shoes, can restrict circulation, which causes swelling and stiffness. At work in the summer you can take a lunch or coffee break for you and your toes, and let them stretch for 10-15 minutes!


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Give Yourself A Hand 

I am  a strong believer that when other modalities, and daily wellness practices are teamed up with reflexology and self-reflexology, POW-POW…the magic happens! Our body awareness heightens, as we tune  up and tune into the power of the present……where pain and stress is fought!

When reflexology and self-reflexology team up with complementary modalities such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, self-hypnosis, or even just some flat out R&R, it can be the secret sauce on top of Self-Healing. Let’s face it nothing beats a professional reflexology treatment or massage, but we don’t all have the luxury of the free time to indulge in daily treatments from the Pro’s. Or like out PETS, get the royal treatment on command!

Here are a few of my “Nutritional Foot Tips ” that might help take the edge off of a stressful day.

A few minutes a day to stretch the toes and oen the nerve pathways in the feet, can do wonders to open the mind, and relieve stress. Why? Out toes reflect the head, where the brain, pituitary gland,and a number of other above the neck body parts reside.Thus open toes, an open mind! 

Now let’s try a simple little experiment using the magic of a golf ball.  Use this trick for hands as well as feet. Simply roll the ball around on your feet, hands, and tight neck and shoulder muscles. Increase pressure gradually on the tender spots. Extend the rolling up the forearm to the elbow and up the leg and calves to the knees. What just happened?

Self-reflexology broke up stale and stuck energy ! It introduced positive brain signals that send a stress busting messages by way of the pituitary gland, to produce good feeling endorphins which act as mood elevators that calm the mind and body. Endorphins are known to be nature’s natural painkillers.

There, you did it.

I’d say you’re in good hands! Your own.
I wish you wellness,


Be sure to watch Nutritional Foot Tips Video here